Here you can have a look at the projects Thilo is most involved in.
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t.s.e. – Thilo Seevers Ensemble

It was in 2013, when three creative minds found to each other, at the University of Arts in Graz, Austria.

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Saint Chameleon

Now soft, then harsh and rude, the instruments and voices are combined to a story about our surroundings.

Saint Chameleon

The influences of this international band reach from the rich harmonic world of Maurice Ravel to the strong attitude of people like Charles Mingus or Kendrick Lamar.
Rooted in the tradition of jazz language, young composer Thilo Seevers deduces his pieces from this variety of inspirations.
The result: Modern Jazz tunes, that combine subtle complexity and simple beauty.

Thilo Seevers – piano
Ivar Krizic – bass
David Dresler – drums

Album: Dancing Lights, Unit Records, 2016

bandcamp / facebook / soundcloud

The lyrics range from philosophical questions that life gives to roadtrips and sailormen. And so does the music itself. Its swinging, stomping, flowing and crushing the stereotypes that people have about rockmusic.
You can hear the spirit of artists like Tom Waits, C. W. Stoneking and Django Reinhardt. But also other genres of this world of music are to find in the sound of Saint Chameleon.

Luka Sulzer – guitar / vocals
Lukas Custos – guitar / backing vocals
Thilo Seevers – accordion / keys
Kajetan Kamenjasevic – bass
David Dresler – drums
Emiliano Sampaio – trombone

EP: Sail, Mildenburg Records, 2015 / facebook / soundcloud

Busart & the Ruffnecks

Based on the work of Raphael “Ruff” Vorraber and Jürgen “Busart” Steiner the Ruffnecks have developed a reputation as one of the most interesting Hip Hop Live Acts in Austria.



Founded in 2011 by composer and poet Laura Lenhardt, this Modern Jazz Quintet digs into improvised music, focussing on the creation of larger forms and structures in Jazz.


The musical concept is based on the Boom Bap, on the sound of the 90’s, not to mention Dilla as one of the main influences.
Sample loops, shaking grooves and smart arrangements. Soon this sound is going to be available to the world, as the group is working out a plan for larger recording sessions.
Ancient Ruff Tracks can be listened to on the EP Dope Stupid Fly Raw Shit (available on soundcloud).

Jürgen Steiner – raps
Michael Karner – guitar
Thilo Seevers – keyboards & sampling
Florian Muralter – bass
Raphael Vorraber – drums

Dope Stupid Fly Raw Shit EP on Soundcloud

facebook / soundcloud

Expressive lyrics and musical poetry combined, the distinct sound of this ensemble subtly creates wild impressions, narrates the stories of minds in movement and invites the listener to enter a fantastic world, full of emotional contrasts.

Laura Lenhardt – vocals / composition and poetry
Thilo Seevers – piano
Emiliano Sampaio – guitar and trombone
Gustavo Boni – bass
Luís André – drums


Marthinik’s Garden

The end of 2014 is gone, a new project is on. An utopic idea by drummer Matheus Jardim (BRA) and saxophonist Nikolaus Holler (AUT) seems to got kissed awake by the reality over night.

Marthinik Foto 2

Indeed – just a few days later pianist Thilo Seevers (GER) and bassist Marijn Van de Ven (NED) are joining the band. As a part of the so-called utopic idea the international quartet has been spread over three airplanes, heading to Natal, Brasil.

The conglomerat of these four sound chamaleons, doesn’t like (musical) boarders. After a brasil tour, bigger and more intimate concerts, a band-workshop and a gig on a radio the quartet grew together to one soul, one brain, one heart and invites the audience’s imagination to a dance of emotions and all kind of energies.